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Shower Me Off Dante Colle Lola Morena full video 1080p full video


Shower Me Off Dante Colle Lola Morena full video

Lola Morena gets the opportunity to fuck her brother’s best friend, Dante Colle, while they hesitate at first, Lola can’t resist spying on Dante in the shower. Once she gets a good look at Dante’s hard dick, she refuses to let it go to waste. Lola gives Dante a good blowie in the shower before fucking him in the bedroom.

Shower Me Off Dante Colle Lola Morena
Shower Me Off Dante Colle Lola Morena

Lola Morena is a pansexual babe from San Francisco who loves to eat mangoes in the nude. When she isn’t trekking up and down the famous winding streets of San Fran, the dark-haired tgirl loves to learn about people by striking up random conversations. Outgoing Lola admits even though she’s a fun-loving spirit, she could be quite a handful sometimes, but who wouldn’t want a handful of such a sexy treat so check out Lola Morena in the spicy scenes below!

Dante Colle is an adventurous hunk whose boyish good looks are merely a ploy to trap his unsuspecting prey into his love dungeon. With his biggest turn-on being sexual spontaneity, the dark-haired lad from Chicago loves to experiment in the bedroom. Referring to himself as a hippie on the streets and GQ in the sheets, lean Dante follows a strict, health-centric lifestyle that includes the paleo diet, practicing CrossFit and plenty of sex! However, there is one thing the sexy stud enjoys more than fucking and that’s the rush he gets from skydiving!

Date: February 27, 2023